Wow! What a gift this is!”

   That’s the expression that accompanied our family’s first look at The Road Taken, the wonderful memoir that Mary Beth Frost wrote for Barbara and me.

   After several hours of interviews and countless additional hours of turning that collection of words into a terrific memory book, Mary Beth has given us a priceless remembrance of our 60-plus years together.

  And there’s more – our book also includes historical references to our grandparents and their descendants. No doubt, this chronicle is so much more than a coffee table look-see. Its value to our progeny will be irreplaceable.

 - Richard H. Carlson

   Lesley Larson had a strong desire to write her personal story, including her spiritual testimony, but she was “stuck.” I came alongside Lesley as a Writing Coach and provided content suggestions as well as design and self-publishing services.  

                                    - Mary Beth

    Thank you, Mary Beth, for being my editor, cheerleader, and encourager! I am so thankful that God brought you to me at just the right time. Your support and help meant more to me than you’ll ever know. Thanks for believing in my story and helping me to get it out to others.

 - Lesley Larson

    This small booklet tells the powerful, personal faith story of Jack VanHorn, a retired pastor and policeman from Superior, Wisconsin. Jack’s faith journey traces back through the heartbreaking childhood experiences that altered his path, and the decision, halfway through his life, to follow Christ with his whole heart.

    Jack’s story is an example of the inspiration that can be found through reading and sharing personal testimonies.  

   “When I first started talking with Mary Beth, I felt that I really didn't have much of a story to share.  During the interview, I jumped from one subject to another, and I felt that there was no way she would be able to do anything with it. She took my ramblings and turned them into a beautiful testimony of what God has done in my life."

- Jack VanHorn

    This 8 X 10 hardcover book, filled with beautiful, full-color pictures, captures the history and heart behind Lake Nebagamon’s social event of the summer: Dolter Donut Day.

By Jane Dolter as told to Mary Beth Frost


  “I am thrilled with the Dolter Donut Day book that Mary Beth Frost created for my extended family and me. She combined my comments and memories with photos from the day of the event, interspersed with some older photos. As a result, she captured more than just the facts about Donut Day. Through this book, she helped me express why the event means so much to me and many others. Mary Beth is a pro who is easy to work with. It was fun to collaborate together.”   

 - Jane Dolter

Follow Sarah's heart-wrenching journey through a life filled with abuse, abandonment, and sexual sin. This is not the story of a victim; It is the story of the cross--the only place where God's grace, forgiveness, redemption and supernatural strength can be found.

Searching for Strength

The Faith Story of *Sarah A. Hood


As written by Mary Beth Frost

* Because of the sensitive content of this book, all names have been changed.

“My thanks to Mary Beth Frost, a godly, talented writer who was willing to take this journey with me. This book would never have been written without you! I’m blessed by your ability to ‘get inside my head’ so my life story could be told in such a powerful way. I’m thankful for all I’ve learned from you about writing a book and about myself. Thank you for making me a better person through this process.”

Suddenly the book project became even more urgent–and precious.

   Much to Dan’s surprise and delight, large crowds of friends, former students, and colleagues showed up at his two book signings. Even after his death, four months later, his book was still in high demand.

   To date, over 550 copies of Dan’s book have been sold, with the profits donated to his favorite local charities.

  Thank you, Dan, for leaving us your inspiring story and your legacy to “carry on regardless.”

 - MBF


Mary Beth,

    I started Dan's book last night and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reading it. I'm over halfway through. It is so well done. I feel like Dan is talking right to me. You did a GREAT JOB putting this book together for him. I'm so happy he got to see the finished product.

- Mary Fruehauf   

 (Dan’s memoir writing classmate)

After several drafts, having no idea of how to proceed with my work, I went looking for help. Mary Beth of Faith Journey Memoirs not only accepted my off-beat memoir approach, but made it better in many ways with her suggestions for layout and design. She was a whiz with the many graphics—photos and charts—improving old photos and cropping and zooming to find the correct size and placement. I very much appreciate her manner of presenting and explaining options. She was generous with time and patience while she guided me to the final product.

Wow, Mary Beth! Three volumes, over six hundred pages, nearly two hundred charts and photos, innumerable glitches and corrections—yet, we did it. Simply put, it would have been impossible without your guidance, expertise and persistence.      

                                                     - Hampton Wilmot

Superior Telegram April 13, 2018

In his 79 years, Dan Conway has held a lot of titles: teacher, coach, world-class runner, musician, mentor, friend. The Superior man has added one more to the list — author.

His book, “Carry on Regardless,” is a collection of stories from a man known as quite a storyteller. Starting with his childhood in Superior, the book travels with Conway across the years, and the world...

    In my 92nd year, my son’s wife said I should consider writing my life's story. My answer was always that I did not have a story to tell. She said I did, and recommended Mary Beth Frost as an ideal person to assist me in producing a book. I gave it some thought and arranged a meeting with  Mary Beth at my apartment.

  My reaction to Mary Beth was immediately positive. I felt she was a person I could successfully work with and we started the project of turning out a book.

  On one occasion I think I talked nonstop for two hours, very relaxed as Mary Beth recorded my memories. I was encouraged by the fact that, at age 92, I could remember so many things about my long life. I felt as though I  

 was telling the story to someone I had  known for a long time.

    From a mechanical standpoint, Mary Beth did a beautiful job editing many pictures, which became part of the book. Knowing nothing about book design, I relied on her to develop and format the book, design the cover, and handle the other important aspects of book production.

   Mary Beth helped me create a special book that was well received by my family and she was wonderful to work with.  


 - Carl Casperson


Radio & television broadcaster


Father, grandfather, great-grandfather


Daniel J. Conway

January 28, 1939 - May 20, 2018


Before It’s Too Late

by Mary Beth Frost

    I met Dan Conway in the fall of 2016 when he signed up for my class, “Writing Your Life Story.” He immediately won the hearts of his instructor and fellow students with his humor, interesting stories, and ukulele. His goal, he said, was to write a book about his life, with a focus on his running career.

  After taking my class twice, Dan approached me with a file stuffed with handwritten stories, old letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs, overwhelmed with the task at hand. Although he was still running and seemed to be the very picture of health, he let me know that, at 78, the clock was ticking, and he needed help completing his book “before it’s too late.”

   We set to work, and “carried on” through the doubts that plagued Dan. “Who would want to read my story?” he asked more than once.

  Dan’s book was almost completed when he received the stunning diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer.

When my wife and I presented this three-volume set of family history books to our daughter, she said, “This is the best gift I have ever received.”          - HW

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